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5 Little Nuggets Born

In the early hours of Sunday 13th December, our lovely Leia Blu gave birth to 5 kittens. She chose poor Kika's nest bed to give birth, but afterwards when she had left the kittens to have a bit to eat and drink, even she seemed to find it a bit of a small space and was hesitant about how to climb back in without squashing her babies, so I moved them to a cot. I was prepared for her to move them all back, but instead she got straight in with them and lay down to let them suckle. They are all feeding very well and have almost doubled their weight already. In fact the smallest one at birth has more than doubled his weight! Our mad second Sphynx girl, who has had her own kittens before joining us, seems utterly smitten with the kittens and, as her presence doesn't seem to upset Leia at all, she is helping out as much as I allow her to.

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